10 Inspiring Quotes from Top Tech Entrepreneurs to Energize You

It takes several years for a startup to go from zero to successful. Every day is a fight for survival and some days are much harder than others but don't worry, you are not alone.

If you or someone you know needs a quick pick-me-up, I've put together a list of quotes from some of the world's top tech entrepreneurs to help motivate you to overcome any challenges you face:


Steve Jobs' life was short but he made the most of every day. Live your life like you'll be gone tomorrow and you'll have no shortage of success. 


Mark Cuban once told Bill Gates that one day he could be a millionaire as long as he stuck to what he was doing. Little did Mark know that Bill's net worth would surpass his so quickly. If Bill had measured himself against others, he would have fallen short of where he is now.


Meetings and to-do lists are useless if you're not moving your business forward. When in doubt, ask yourself, what can I accomplish today?


Don't feel down if others can't see your vision. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely path, but Founder Knowledge is here for you!


A lot of people talk about their dreams, but what makes you different is that you're working on your dream. When in doubt, just do.


Pain is temporary but success lasts a lifetime. Work hard today and tomorrow then retire early.


Apply to the things that you've always wanted to do and set yourself up to grab every single opportunity you come across. 99 NOs can lead to the 1 YES which changes your life.


Perfect is the enemy of done. Launch, get feedback and improve your products quickly or your competitors will overtake you.


Being an entrepreneur is about changing the world. To achieve your dream, you'll have to do things you're afraid of doing like cold calling, pitch investors, customer support calls, etc. But, if it was easy, it wouldn't be called the 1%.


Think about "how do I change the world?" instead of "how do I add a feature to product X?". Everything else will fall into place.

What gives you your motivation?